Younger audiences dominating
the current social media scenario

We recently saw how Facebook now Meta targeted all their future efforts to younger audiences. The future and stability of social media depends on the constant search to be relevant to those audiences. Many clients ask me why this is important to consider when creating new marketing initiatives or campaigns. It depends on your brand audience but, when a brand gets noticed by younger audience and there is engagement this could perpetuate the brand value in the future. Younger audiences may not have a value to many brands because that audience does not spend as much as adults, but in a long-term vision they are the audience that will spend money on your brand.

We always recommend evaluating your brand short- and long-term strategies, and always look into the near future. We are crossing a generational milestone, were generation X and baby boomers are becoming less relevant and the tech generations are now taking over. This means your brands needs to be modern and up to date in new trends and technology. Many are skeptical about jumping in the virtual reality and all the new emerging technologies, but if you really want to secure your position in the future, now is the time to enter and invest on your brand future.

If you need help understanding the new marketing technologies and all the possibilities is bringing, please contact us and we will help you understand and create a long term plan for your brand.

By, eloy Candelaria
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