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At Creative Maze our drive is creativity, success and customer satisfaction. We love new and different; we travel the world looking for new ways, technology and ideas to reach people.

We are a team of seasoned professionals with one common goal, success!

Our Story

A life of marketing, A life of innovation, is our drive to lead our clients achieve their goals.

Founded in 2011 Creative Maze started with a defined mission, to share our experience and help others find business success. Today we continue that mission and we have expanded our team embracing new technologies and ways to connect people through marketing and communications.

We are a family and we look forward to expand it with amazing partners and clients that are ready for a new business adventure.

Our Vision
Our mission
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Expand your team, we got your back!

If your Agency needs help with the extra work you can trust us to get things done for your clients. We work with you as part of your team and we will work hard to make you look great.

Referral program

Ready to make some extra income? Refer your business friends and let us take care of them. We will make sure they love you for the referral. Contact us for more information.

Work Engine

How we get things done

Every client and every project it’s unique, we believe that each one has its own story and purpose. Our company cannot flourish without teamwork, our goal is to create a partnership with our clients where we focus on learning and listening to every aspect of the project. We research and find every little detail that will make the difference.

There is a “reason why” behind every project, we carefully establish the plan that will help us build success. 
At this stage we identify the target, positioning and message.

Our ideas require an incubation process where we mix concepts, creativity, the “reason why” and the strategy. This is where abstract ideas take form and are built into a final concept.

It’s time to build and construct, this is our factory phase. The ideas are now actions and tangible products.

It’s time for a test drive, let’s take the product for a ride and let’s get some feedback, sometimes the product gets even better after the trial.

It’s time to release the product and share the masterpiece to the world.

Our last vital step is analyzing the results, identifying growth opportunities or simply… celebrating the success of the project, go Dream Team!

Every project have a life cycle, after the cycle is completed is time to repeat the process again.

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