How to Position my web page
on the top of search engines?

One of the questions we get the most is, how we can be in top results when searching on the internet? Many clients reach out after innumerous fails trying to advance positioning in search engines like google. In a short this is called SEO or Search Engine optimization. It is a set of actions that will influence your position within the search engine results. While there is no magic wand or shortcut to become #1 in a blink, there is certainly ways to boost your position. There is the option of paying advertising where in some cases will show your company all the way to the top along with all advertisers, but for the purpose of this article we are going to discuss the organic ways to boost your ranking.
When analyzing SEO, we need to understand how search engines work and what factors affect your page. Search engines use bots and artificial intelligence to search and evaluate your page. The factors they use to evaluate your page constantly change, but here is a list of the most important points to consider when trying to understand your ranking:
1. Traffic
2. Loading Speed
3. Compatibility with mobile devices / mobile friendly
4. Age of your page and domain
5. Keywords and how relevant is your site to them
6. Secured sites
7. Relevance
8. Backlinks
The fastest way to push a page up is organic traffic and I say organic because many people try to hack their way to the top using bots for traffic and proxies to deceive the engine. Hacking your way to the top is a very risky option, not only is a temporary fix, but search engines could penalized you or even ban your page. Let’s concentrate on organic ways to boost your page, organic techniques are not only the secure and correct way to do this, there also often better in the long term to keep you up. Is recommended that an SEO expert do the work, remember in theory anyone can repair a car, but if you are not a mechanic you may end up messing your car even more and spending more time and money. An SEO expert know the ins and outs of the factors and tools to boost a page. 
As mentioned before there is no magic solutions to rank your page and it could take a minimum of 3 months before getting improvements. Unless your page becomes a viral sensation and featured on other top rank websites, most likely it will take months before you see your rank in top positions. Is long process but is worth it and comes with a great added value. The SEO is a mix of things, mostly targeted to Google and all the ramifications, like Google Business and Google Maps. There are also optimizations to other search engines, social media and virtual assistants like Alexa. 
I you want to start the process into optimizing your page to increase your visibility start by working on content and page optimization. These are key to start the process, your content must be relevant to the search keywords and the bots must understand the levels of relevance in your content along with every single element in your page. Increase your traffic by engaging and connecting with your audience Make sure your page code is on point and optimized for mobile devices. Around 56% of all the world Internet traffic come from mobile devices and is expected to keep going up. 
The list and details go on too many factors, but if your interested on boosting your page to the top give us a call or send us a meeting request. We will be more than happy to help and provide you with the best service.
By, eloy Candelaria
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