Into the Metaverse

Facebook has finally unveiled its new corporate name, META. This comes after weeks of expectations and scandals, but certainly Mark Zuckerberg gave us an idea of their new universe when he mentioned the intention to expand in the world of the Metaverse. For many, especially those over 40 this is a concept somehow difficult to understand. But thanks to futuristic movies and Tv series we have a simple way to explain the concept of Metaverse. Zuckerberg also did a long video explaining the concept and everything behind it.

Let’s start with a movie reference, the 2018 movie “Ready Player One” is a perfect example of what a metaverse is and what could become in the future. On my opinion this is definitive separation of the physical and digital world. Imagine 2 worlds, one is our physical day to day world and the other the virtual reality world where no physical interactions are required. A Metaverse mean that know you will be able to do virtually anything in the digital world. You don’t have to leave your house or room to do most of the things you do in the real physical world.

A complete virtual reality that will certainly change humanity and most likely will be like to some of these movies and Tv shows. But this is a bigger picture, we are still in diapers in terms of virtual realities and having a large population immerse into it. This is a big step that META is now taking to attract younger audiences. Facebook as a brand is getting old and young audiences don’t feel attracted to a platform that has become relevant to a more mature audience. A teenager doesn’t want to their parents to see what they do, post or even interact with them on a social media platform. This Is the equivalent of Mom going attending with you to a teen party and feeling awkward for having your mom there.

We need to understand that Facebook and now META is here to make money like any other company. They want to stay relevant to audiences that will become an asset the company and the principal reason for income. The more audience they have the more power they have. Audience information is key to sell advertising to companies. Advertisers pay to reach audiences, they pay for important information about their audiences, they need that to increase sales and people’s perception.

This is where the current scandals step in. In a world that is barely controlled by legislation, companies like Facebook could handle a very dangerous position. Controlling people’s perception, using personal data to benefit, influence in politics and much more. But we even when the scandal opens the door for us to see how dangerous could be when a company has so much power, legislations on the topic are not a short-term reality. Most of the members of the congress does not understand social media and Internet and most of them are too old to understand.

As a business owner is important to understand this and understand how social media works. Social media is key for your business marketing plan. The Metaverse will become extremely important very soon and it will grow to become a huge element in your audience life. If you need help understanding more about the Metaverse and social media, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

By, eloy Candelaria
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