Legacy Entertainment

Legacy Entertainment Home Client Legacy Entertaiment Website www.legacyentertainment.com Project brief One of the leading theme park and hotel design firms in the USA hire us to redesign their online brand and to increase their visibility on the Internet. Scope of work included custom web apps and web design, SEO and Internet Marketing. Scope of works […]

1982 – Greatest Geek Year Ever!

1982 – Greatest Geek Year Ever! Home Client 1982 – Greatest Geek Year Ever! (Netflix) Project brief Video production and direction for the new documentary “1982 – Greatest Geek Year Ever!” to be featured in many stream services. Scope of works Video Production Photography Video Direction Production Associate 01. Contact We want to hear everything […]

Lay Carnagey Entertainment

LAY CARNAGEY ENTERTAINMENT Home Client Ley Carnagey Website www.laycarnagey.com Project brief Lay Carnagey Entertainment “LCE” is a production company with a long list of successful movies, documentaries and video media for theme park attractions. Some of their projects include movies and documentaries featured in Netflix and CBS. The scope of work included: Graphic Design, web […]

Helo Vape

Helo Vape Home Client Helo Vape Website www.helovape.com Project brief Helo is a vape device brand looking to expand their market visibility. They hire us as their marketing agency to cover all their marketing needs including branding, web design, Internet marketing, SEO, social media, graphic design and media development. We also help with their national […]


Applebee’s Home Client Applebee’s Project brief We worked the new line of drinks for Applebee’s Menu, featuring the brand Passion XO. Several graphic pieces were made, including the menu for the entire restaurant chain. Scope of works Graphic Design Branding Design Mockup Design Art 01. Contact We want to hear everything about your project. Get […]

Capitan Correa – School

Capitán Correa – School Home Client Colegio Evangelico Capitan Correa Website www.capitancorrea.com Project brief Colegio Evangelico Capitán Correa is a leading k-12 educational institution in Puerto Rico. They hired us to offer marketing consulting and relaunch their brand. We also created their online platform, website and developed a marketing plan to include Internet marketing and […]

Easypod 3D – Merck Laboratory

Easypod – Merck Home Client Merck Laboratory Project brief Our international client Merk Laboratories hire us to launch their easy pod device in South America. The scope of work included graphic design, prototyping, 3d animation, Tv Ad and instructional video. Scope of works Graphic Design Prototyping 3D Animation TV Ad Video 01. Contact We want […]

La Terapia Por La – X

La terapia por la – X Home Client La Terapia Por La – X Website Radio Show Project brief A character logo was made for the famous radio show in Puerto Rico, “La Terapia”. The characterizations of each host were placed in the logo, which currently identifies the radio show. Visualization of the project on […]

Into the Metaverse

Facebook has finally unveiled its new corporate name, META. This comes after weeks of expectations and scandals…

Crews And Pesquera

Crews and Pesquera Home Client Crews And Pesquera Website www.pesqueralaw.com Project brief Our Client Crews and Pesquera hired us to develop their marketing efforts for the hispanic market in Central Florida and Puerto Rico. The scope of work included branding, graphic design, tv ads, animations, web design, social media, SEO, Internet marketing, Artificial Intelligence to […]

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